Terms & Condition

About Size and Colour

    • Due to the various materials and the methods of measurement, there may be a slight discrepancy on the size between the information shown in our website and the actual product. A 1-4 cm of size tolerance is within normal range.
    • Products’ color might be slightly different when viewing by various monitors. Individual perception of color and the lighting when photographing will also affect the products displayed in the pictures. Kindly refer to the actual product for the color definition.
Refund / Exchange Guideline
    1. Good(s) with damages  
    2. Items are different from the photos shown in the website (with reasonable explanation)  
    3. Size is difference   
    4. Wrong item(s) distribution
We accept to exchange with any one of the above reason but all exchange requests are subject to availability. If the item(s) you have requested in exchange for your return are no longer available at the time of processing, a refund will be issued for the returned items. Only same model and color as the original ordered will be provided for exchange cases. Please kindly send the photo to us for initial checking and send back the product within 48hrs for further proceeding, if the application exceed the designated schedule, we will not accept to proceed the refund and exchange.
The product can not be exchanged 
    • Arrangement for returning product(s)
    • We will responsible for the return shipping fee when refund / exchanged is accepted if the delivery fee is not more than HK$50.
    •  If the exchange/refund case is not be accepted, we have the right to return the item(s) to customers, who are required to pay for delivery fee. If customers refused to pay for the return shipping fee without a reasonable request, we reserves the right to deduct the shop credit/cash fun from their member accounts. If there is no enough balance in member accounts, the item(s) will not be returned to customers and their memberships will be cancelled.
About the ordering time
We will make the order every working day, accept Sat, Sun and Public Holiday) and we will proceed the orders which the payment have been settled before 1:00pm (HK Time), otherwise the order will be handled the day after.
About the shortage and refund
Due to the quick turn over condition and small quantity but huge products style in Korea’s fashion industry, product shortage is quite common. For this case, we will inform customer immediately and proceed to refund as soon as possible. Normally we can refund to your balancing account for deducting the next payment. Or you can request to refund to bank account directly.   
If the product delay over 12 working days, we will try to cancel the transaction with product provider in Korea. Once application succeed, the payment will be refunded to customer's account as soon as possible.
About Shoes / Bag / Handmade product 
Due to normal practice in Korea, we cannot exchange the shoes if the size is not suitable. Please be aware the risk before purchasing.
About the product tag
The normal practice in Korea is selecting product(s) from local fashion market then offering for sales in their shop but not produced by the brands. Therefore the good(s) are not tagged with the brand.  
About the issue of “Made in Korea”
All products are imported from Korea and none of them are imitations. The products shown in our website are directly ordered from Korean official websites. Customers are welcomed to make a comparison of the items shown in respective websites.
Recently, there are many products which tagged with “Made in India Made in Bangladesh”, it is all because the manufacturer is trying hard to reduce the cost or enrich the product design by sourcing the materials and factory from over the world. Nevertheless, the patent of designing & selling are owned by Korean manufacturers.