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[HERA] Homme Essence In Skin 125ml

[HERA] Homme Essence In Skin 125ml

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Powerful fluid for energizing and revitalizing

It contains 87.2% essence comprising of Penta-Power ComplexTM to revitalize the men’s skin through delivery of energy.

Boost to the skin’s natural strength

It thoroughly works to treat the five major problems of men’s skin, namely excess sebum, pores, dry skin, skin tone and wrinkles and, at the same time, gives a boost to the skin’s natural strength.

Energy boosting to strengthen the skin barrier with the help of caffeine

Caffeine, moisturizing ingredient specialized for the men’s skin, strengthens the skin barrier to help the skin stay moisturized and healthy.

Powerful energizing Penta-Power ComplexTM for the men’s skin

HERA HOMME developed a special functional ingredient named Penta-Power ComplexTM through extensive study of the men’s skin. It is composed of caffeine that’s a moisturizing ingredient especially good for the men’s skin, vitamin B3 and B5 derivatives, amino acids and minerals to give healthy and vibrant skin for men full of energy.

How to use

Take an adequate amount onto the back of your hand at the first step of your basic skincare routine after cleansing. Cup your hands to keep the product from spilling when pouring it. Apply the product onto your face from the inside outwards, gently pressing to help the skin absorb.

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