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[Innisfree] Skinny Microcara Zero No 2. Brown 3.5g

[Innisfree] Skinny Microcara Zero No 2. Brown 3.5g

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1. Thorough curling of each and every hidden lash The 2.5 mm-diameter micro brush with the motif of an interdental brush curls up to each and every hidden short lash to help showcase the eyes. 2. Long-lasting curls Micro brush curls up the lashes from the root to sustain the curls all day long without drooping. 3. Light and natural look for the eyelashes Hollow Airlight Powder creates a light and natural look and yet makes the lashes long and full, while botanical extracts keep the skin around the eyes healthy.

How to use

1. Sweep up from the roots of your lashes in a zigzag motion. 2. Hold your brush vertically to reach shorter lashes. 3. Apply onto the under-eye lashes for even more defined eyes.

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