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[MISSHA] Artemisia Calming Essence 150ml

[MISSHA] Artemisia Calming Essence 150ml

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100 days Sincere Fermentation Moist Wormwood Soothing Wormwood Encourages the purity of Kanghwa Artemisia Extract that has been naturally fermented twice A undiluted essence that soothes the skin with clear and comfortable skin

100 days mugwort fermented to increase purity Artemisia soothing solution

When you need to calm down Soothes 5 major skin irritations* Artemisia Essence

How to use

01. Dry skin, moist mugwort! Excited and dry skin, layering several times to soothe moisture 02. Stimulated skin, soothe mugwort! Essence on a cotton pad Soak it in a skin pack Soothing pack for 5-10 minutes


Artemisia extract 100%

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